The APPG on Investment Fraud and Fairer Financial Services no longer exists as of the dissolving of Parliament on Thursday 30 May 2024 ahead of the General Election that has been called for 4 July. The APPG intends to be re-formed once Parliament resumes, and that an Inaugural Meeting, election of Officers and APPG Registration will be required for the APPG to be re-formed

The purpose of this page

We intend to provide all stakeholders with access to anything that might be helpful in relation to the pension and investments scams problem, on this page. Our long term aim is to make this page a “font of all knowledge” on the pension and investments scams problem . We are at the very early stages of developing this webpage.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are aware of anything that could be useful and therefore should be included in this page.


FCA ScamSmart

The Financial Conduct Authority created a campaign called 'ScamSmart' to help consumers avoid pension scams. The ScamSmart website contains pages of information, online tools (including a access to the FCA warning list), and information on how to report a scam directly to the FCA.

The ScamSmart website can be accessed by clicking here.

The Pension Advisory Service

The Pension Advisory Service's online tool is designed to help consumers identify a potential pension scam. This tool will provide consumers some guidance on identifying a potentially bad pension investment and to help consumers recognise the signs of a potential scam. It will also provide the user with some next steps based on the answers provided.

The tool can be accessed through The Pension Advisory Service's website by clicking here.

Scam Man & Robbin' 

Scam Man & Robbin’ is a five-minute online game that educates consumers about pension scams, created by PensionBee, AgeWage, Smart Pension, Nutmeg and technology partner JMAN Group.  

Inspired by one of the world’s most-loved superheroes, this retro game challenges some common misconceptions which may initially seem positive about a pension scheme, such as guaranteed high returns or an offer of free advice, but may in fact be the hallmarks of a scam. 

Click here to play Scam Man & Robbin'.

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